Dimensions to a Great Client Experience

When clients perceive multiple and equal substitutes for the provision of a service, there is downward pressure on price. By differentiating your client experience, you can protect your margins, increase client loyalty, and gain more word-of-mouth promotion of your financial advisory business.


When most or all of these elements are present, odds are greatly increased that you’ll deliver a great client experience

  1. Value. Value is a foundation for the overall experience. The client must answer the question: “Are we better off?” Do your clients fully appreciate the value you are currently offering? What could you do to enhance their perception of value-added in your relationship? Are you regularly tracking and communicating your impact? Would greater communication and transparency enhance your client’s sense of value?
  2. Education. Do your clients feel they have learned on a personal level that you have improved their financial goals? What are you doing to educate your clients? What can you do to build your client’s sense of security with your FA business?
  3. Engagement. Do your clients feel like active, involved participants in their financial investment process? Or do they feel like something is being “done” to them? What opportunities could you create to draw your clients in and make them greater participants?
  4. Emotional Resonance. Are you engaging your clients’ emotions—their hearts—through the experiences you create? Are your conversations always focused on the analytical and rational, or do you also touch on the emotional side and ask questions about feelings—about fears, hopes, excitement, and aspirations? Could you infuse your presentations with more stories, graphics, and videos?
  5. Entertainment. Have you captured the client’s attention and created enjoyment and fun? This is not trivial: People learn more, are more engaged, and are more open to new ideas when they are having fun. Is working with you, your team, and your support staff enjoyable?

When most or all of these elements are present, the odds are greatly increased that you’ll deliver a great client experience. The results can be powerful!