A Great Client Experience Creates a Great Client

The new standard for financial service won’t just be happy clients; it will be clients who depend on you to be there for them for their wealth counseling needs. These savvy investors will value inherently in the premium level of client experience you deliver. Keeping pace with rising service levels year after year is vitally important. However, effectively raising experience levels proves to be difficult in implementation. Many advisory businesses are still not delivering exceptional client experiences.


Clients expect consistently high quality responses to their wealth planning needs

In addition, increasing choices and rising client expectations make it challenging to keep your clients returning. Competitive pressures are higher than ever. Social networking, mobile applications, and consumer retail websites have raised investor expectations for the services that financial advisors can provide online.

The Internet also means transparency between your pricing and your competitors’—with competing offers just a click away. The bar for acceptable levels of service gets pushed higher each year. Services that clients deemed acceptable last year and gave high satisfaction ratings are now average. Next year, the same advisory service level might evoke a negative client response.

All these factors mean that EVERY interaction you have with a client matters. If they walk into your office, call you, seek online support or email you, they’ll expect consistently, high-quality responses to their wealth planning needs. Clearly, there are tremendous opportunities to be gained by transforming your client experience model. Financial advisory businesses that understand this are designing experiences that satisfy both rational needs and emotional ones. These Finserv-industry leaders are making it easier for clients to become loyal advocates. These advisors provide interactions that are innovative, sustainable and consistent, which in turn, build stronger emotional relationships with clients at every step. KAR Consulting knows the goal to provide an exceptional experiences to your clients is attainable.

A great client experience creates a great client